Watch Out for Trucking Accidents!


The first thing to know regarding trucking accidents is: what exactly are they and what kinds of vehicles are included. Collisions that involve semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, 18-Wheelers or other large freight carriers which cause personal injuries and/or property damage are considered trucking accidents or commercial vehicle accidents. Due to the fact that the vehicles implicated are so large and heavy, these types of accidents are usually more damaging and catastrophic than passenger vehicle collisions. Moreover, the legal processes of the problems caused by such accidents are usually more expensive and complex than normal.

There are several aspects of trucking accidents that should be well-known in order to avoid catastrophes on the road.

Jackknifing: Many factors can cause a large vehicle to jackknife; some of these factors are: slipperiness of the road, removed or de-powered front brakes and other cars or obstacles in the road. There is usually little that a driver can do in response to a jackknifing before it is too late.

Turning Accidents: As commercial trucks are very long, they can be difficult to handle in curves, especially at high speeds. But there are other causes for turning accidents such as malfunctions (specifically improper load distribution), low tires,break failure and bad road conditions.

Fuel Fires: Generally caused by a battery spark that makes contact with the diesel fuel; fires of this sort can be avoided by protecting the battery from being crushed in an accident.

Brake Malfunctions: If the breaks of a truck are not properly installed or maintained they can overheat and malfunction.

Trucking accidents often end in disaster, with injured people and destroyed or damaged property. If you are involved in such an accident make sure to find an experienced attorney as soon as possible to handle your claim in the best possible way.