Roadway Express Sends Another Elite Group Of Drivers To National Truck Driving Championships


AKRON, Ohio August 18, 2005 Roadway Express, Inc. proudly announces that 37 of its best professional drivers will compete at the 68th National Truck Driving Championships, August 17-20, 2005, in Tampa, Florida. The American Trucking Association sponsors the event. These state champions deserve the highest recognition for their dedication to safety, professionalism, and driving skill. Both the state and national competitions include challenging driving skills and maneuvering tests, pre-trip inspections, and a written examination covering vehicle operation and federal safety regulations.

"We all recognize and congratulate these state champions and the high standards of performance they demonstrate.

They are truly leaders of our industry. We wish them the best in the national competition," stated John Bronneck, executive vice president of operations for Roadway Express.

This year's elite state champions from Roadway are:

James S. Baber - Dover, DE, 3-Axle, 1st Place
Michael Bortnick - Bridgeport/New Haven, CT, Straight Truck, 1st Place
Richard E. Carette - Lawrenceville, GA, Twins, 1st Place
Mike Cicalese - Kearny, NJ, 3-Axle, 1st Place **
Dale K. Cook - Lakeland, FL, Straight Truck, 1st Place
Randy DeVault - Augusta, ME, 3-Axle, 1st Place**
Theodore S. Dunn - Chicago, IL, Straight Truck, 1st Place ** William (Kent) Durant - Wichita, KS, 4-Axle, Top Score Written Test & 1st Place Michael Erick Putnam, CT, 5-Axle, 1st Place Shawn E. Fidler - Las Vegas, NV, Flatbed, 1st Place Randy K. Gregory - Oklahoma City, OK, Sleeper, 1st Place ** Rick G. Harris - Kansas City, KS, Twins, 1st Place Thomas (Major) Hartt - Nashua, NH, 3-Axle, 1st Place ** Adolph Heyward Jr. - Greenville, SC, Straight Truck, 1st Place Jude M. Hurst - Louisville, KY, Twins, 1st Place** Donald W. Jepson - Milwaukee, WI, Sleeper, 1st Place Alphonso Lewis - Montgomery, AL, 3-Axle, Grand Champion & 1st Place Marty E. Lyons - Kansas City, KS, 3-Axle, Grand Champion & 1st Place William (Bill) MacDonald - Bellows Falls, VT, 3-Axle, Grand Champion & 1st Place ** Keith Mergner - New Brunswick, NJ, Tanker, 1st Place, 1995 National Champion Richard (Butch) Miller - Sioux Falls, SD, 3-Axle, Grand Champion & 1st Place
John C. Miller - Winston-Salem, NC, 3-Axle, Highest Course Score, 1st Place Keevin G. Phillips - Trenton, NJ, Twins, Grand Champion & 1st Place Keith P. Powell - Dover, DE, 4-Axle, 1st Place** Eric E. Radkey - Portland, OR, 3-Axle, Rookie of the Year, 1st Place Michael (Mickey) Rafeal - Concord, NH, Twins, NHTA 2005 Driver of the Year, Best Pre-Trip, 1st Place Myron I. Randall - New Orleans, LA, Twins, 1st Place Anthony J. Remesch - Danville, IL, 3-Axle, Grand Champion & 1st Place
Kurt L. Royer - Baltimore, MD, 5-Axle, 1st Place
Timothy (Tim) J. Smith - Salt Lake City, UT, 5-Axle Flatbed, Grand Champion & 1st Place Lynn E. Springer - Portland, OR, 5-Axle, 1st Place** Joseph T. Toomey - Denver, CO, rookie, 5-Axle, 1st Place Scott Troyk - Milwaukee, WI, Tanker, 1st Place** Ronald (Ron) VanBibber - Salt Lake City, UT, 4-Axle, 1st Place Timothy G. Walters - Grenada, MS, Straight Truck, 1st Place** Michael W. West - Roanoke, VA, Flatbed, 1st Place Clayton (Clay) W. Wycoff - San Ysidro, CA, 4-Axle, 1st Place

7 GRAND CHAMPIONS: Alphonso Lewis, Marty E. Lyons, William (Bill) MacDonald, Butch Miller, Keevin G. Phillips,  Anthony J. Remesch, Timothy J. Smith
DRIVER OF THE YEAR: Michael (Mickey) Rafeal
BEST PRE-TRIP INSPECTION: Michael (Mickey) Rafeal
TOP SCORE WRITTEN TEST: William (Kent) Durant
TEAM TROPHIES: Illinois, Kentucky, Nebraska and Wisconsin

**Also a 2004 State Champion

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