Dunham & Price Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Dunham & Price Inc started in 1939 in Lake Charles, Louisiana by Ted F. Dunham, Sr. and Rowland Price.  This company is now entirely owned by the Price family.
For over 50 years the family owned business of Dunham Price. It has been serving Southwest Louisiana with the highest quality ready-mixed concrete. Now it has expanded into concrete pipes, pre-stressed and pre-cast items, concrete products, and construction materials. Dunham Price serves southwest Louisiana with 30 to 40 ready-mix units from plants in Westlake, South Lake Charles, and Kinder, Louisiana. Dunham Price is computerized at all of its locations to ensure uninterrupted service. Westlake Plant is located on the Calcasieu ship channel and has its own barge and ship unloading facility. Dunham Price services residential, commercial, and industrial jobs and can assist with technical mix design.  Dunham Price has workforce of over hundred people and the company continues to grow and expand because of its founding principle; "The finest possible product and service at the lowest possible price."
Dunham & Price Inc gives suggestion to achieve quality foundation for preparing to build a new home or new building. Dunham & Price Inc removes all sod, roots, and debris, uses a compactable base material that will remain stable and support construction traffic.
There should be no free water standing on the base, nor should there be any muddy or soft spots, when the concrete is placed. Any depression in the surface deeper than 1/2 inch (13mm) should be repaired. Repair should include but not limited to raking smooth or compacting with suitable compacting equipment.
Dunham Price Group, L.L.C. is a offers superior ready-mixed concrete and assure to offer the highest quality ready-mixed concrete available anywhere. Dunham Price Group has put more than half a century of experience and principles of business behind the products to be delivered.