Things to Remember About Motorcycles


It is not uncommon to hear accidents involving trucks and motorists, and that is why it is important for truck drivers to remember certain facts about motorcycles that could save the life of many people on the road.

First of all, motorcycles are small vehicles, and as such, truckers should pay more attention to them. Truck drivers often disregard motorcycles or do not identify them as vehicles, most of the time these actions are unintentional. It is important to look for motorcycles to avoid collisions, especially at intersections. In addition, when you see a motorcycle, remember that a person is on it, be careful on how you approach the vehicle.

Sometimes, motorcycles decrease their speed without announcing it with the brake lights; this is because motorcyclists often slow down using downshifting or by simply rolling off the throttle. Truck drivers must be aware of this and allow more following distance than usual, particularly at intersections, when motorists may slow down without a visual warning.

Sometimes it is difficult to know the real location of a motorcycle, this since they are so small: they often seem farther than they really are. If you are driving a truck, always think that the motorcycle is closer than what it looks. They can also be easily hidden in truck or trailer blind spots or concealed behind objects or by the environment. The speed of these small vehicles can also be confusing, it is difficult to determine how fast a motorcycle is going; they seem to be moving faster than they really are. Keep all this in mind, especially when you are changing lanes, turning at an intersection or into/out of a driveway.

Finally, remember that the turn signals in motorcycles do not turn off by themselves; amateur riders often forget to turn them off. Also, consider that motorcyclists often change their position within a lane in order to have better visibility or reduce the effect of rain, wind, or road conditions.