Benton Express: a movie beginning


Transporting film reels was the business of the Benton brothers in 1934. They bought a used truck to deliver the movies between Atlanta and Georgia. But this way of transportation was not usual in the movie industry; the reels were transported by train.


The success really began for the Benton Brothers in 1948 when there was a union strike against the rail. When the films could not be delivered by the usual trains, Benton came to provide this service of distributing films. 


By 1980 The Motor Carriers Act benefited Benton Express as it as allowed it to diversify and was able to carry general commodity freight. At the present Benton Express Company works with a fleet of 624 trailers, 289 tractors and 33 straight tractors. Its covering area is conformed of six states: Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama, there are 25 terminals and full coverage in Canada by its partnering with Midland Transport Co.


The fleet is conformed by aerodynamic Mack and Volvo tractors. The trailers are Air Ride, double floor systems and lift gates. Benton Express cares about safety so it established a preventive maintenance program where the units pass through a water test systems and the like.


Benton Express has created a Drivers Training Academy in which the company staff (not just the drivers) has two days to learn about hazardous material handling, and different work areas like freight bill collections, handling freight properly, safety, driver expectations and more. The trainees must past the DOT Certified exam. 


Benton Express is looking to expand its crew. Benton Express is hiring city drivers who have CDL and hazmat endorsement, a year of experience in this last three years. They must work from Monday to Friday in daylight hours and work among the terminals of Atlanta, Miami, Tampa and more.  Additionally they are looking for a Linehaul driver with the requirements of CDL and a good record.