37th Annual Magnet States Report

By: Bubbajunk.com

Florida Tops The Charts as most "Magnetic State"

Southern States Were Top Draw in 2004

CHICAGO, January 28, 2005 Head South, young man. According to the 37th Annual Allied Van Lines Magnet States Report, which tracks U.S. migration patterns, thats the direction the majority of relocating Americans headed in 2004.

In terms of numbers, the states below the Mason-Dixon line attracted the most new people, said Mike McMahon, president, Moving Services, SIRVA Inc., (NYSE: SIR), a global relocation services provider and Allieds parent company. Warmer climates, better employment opportunities and a continued migration of retirees no doubt played a role in this pattern.

According to the report, Florida experienced the largest net relocation gain (inbound moves minus outbound moves) in the country. The Sunshine State was followed in order by Arizona, North Carolina and Georgia.

Past reports havent illustrated such a pronounced regional pattern, McMahon said. A clear south, particularly southeast trend emerged in the 2004 report, however. Despite last years inclement weather, Florida was the Top Magnet State of 2004, a testament to its magnetic reputation as a great place to work and play.

People know storms are the exception rather than the rule, said Doug Wheeler, vice president of grassroots advocacy with the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Our temperate climate and favorable business environment, which saw Florida lead the nation in job growth in 2004 and touts an unemployment rate that runs almost a full percentage point less than the national average combine to make Florida a great place to live and work and that far outweighs most other concerns.

Florida experienced 10,722 inbound shipments compared to 8,987 outbound shipments for a net relocation gain of 1,735 good for No. 1 Magnet State status. Its 19,709 shipments also made it the second most mobile state behind California. Runner up Arizona had a net relocation gain of 1,451 out of 8,603 total shipments, while North Carolina had 1,379 out of 7,109 shipments, and Georgia had 1,256 out of 7,202, rounding out the top four states.

In terms of percentages of inbound moves, Alaska rated No. 1. Seventy-two percent of the states 175 moves were inbound.

Outbound States

Despite the star appeal of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, California earned the dubious distinction of being Americas No. 1 outbound state in 2004. According to the Allied Van Lines report, the state posted 11,886 outbound shipments compared with 9,402 inbound for a net relocation loss of 2,484 shipments. Other outbound states included: Illinois with a relocation loss of 1,758 shipments out of a total of 9,172; New Jersey, 1,270 out of 5,190 and New York, 965 out of 7,623 total shipments. In terms of percentages of outbound moves, North Dakota rated No. 1 with 62.3 percent of its 653 total moves being outbound. New Jersey was a very close second with 62.2 percent of its moves being outbound.

Mobile States

For the second year in a row, the top three mobile states (inbound and outbound moves combined) were California with 21,288 total shipments, Florida with 19,709 and Texas with 15,232.