Triple Crown Maintenance Completes Four Years of No Lost-Time Incidents


Triple Crown Services Companys Terminal and Maintenance Facility has completed four consecutive years nearly 1,500 days -- with no lost-time incidents.
The Fort Wayne facility is Triple Crowns only maintenance shop. Repairs and preventative maintenance are completed on RoadRailer truck trailers and rail wheel assemblies (bogies) sent to the site from terminals across the U.S. The majority of repairs involve welding, heavy lifting, general trailer repair, and mechanical work in, under, and on trailers and bogies.

Rick Vanke, Terminal Manager, stated, This is an incredible accomplishment. Our men and women place tremendous focus on safe work practices, and their efforts have resulted in an environment that helps protect their well-being and Triple Crowns bottom line. This record allows us to service more equipment and maintain our competitive edge in the transportation industry. We couldnt be prouder of the teams achievement.

Triple Crowns Terminal and Maintenance Facility is staffed with nearly 50 employees, including 37 mechanics. It operates continuously 24 hours/day throughout the year from
its Fort Wayne, IN, location at 2536 Wayne Trace. During an average week, ten trains transporting a total of 850 RoadRailer trailers move through the Fort Wayne terminal on a daily basis.

The Triple Crown fleet consists of over 7,000 RoadRailer trailers operating from thirteen terminals across the eastern two-thirds of the US and Toronto, Canada. Triple Crown
employs 280 team members, most of whom are based at the Fort Wayne headquarters and terminal sites. The company will celebrate its twentieth anniversary in 2006.
The last lost-time incident at Triple Crowns Terminal and Maintenance Facility was in September, 2001. A lost-time event is one in which an employee misses a scheduled
work day because of an on-the-job accident.

Triple Crown Services is a bimodal, truckload transportation company utilizing unique RoadRailer trailers to combine both over-the-road and on-the-rail transportation.
Truckload freight is picked up from shippers and driven to one of thirteen (13) Triple Crown terminals where the trailers are set on railroad wheels, called bogies. The
assembled trains then travel to the destination terminals where the trailers are hooked to tractors to complete freight delivery.

Triple Crown Services Company, an affiliate of Norfolk Southern Corporation, provides transportation services in the United States and parts of Canada. Norfolk Southern
Corporation (NYSE: NSC) is one of the nation's premier transportation companies. Its Norfolk Southern Railway subsidiary operates 21,300 route miles in 22 states, the District of Columbia, and Ontario. NS operates the East's most extensive intermodal network and is the nation's largest rail carrier of automotive parts and finished vehicles.