C&S Moves Quickly to Bring 1 Million Pounds of Water, Food and Supplies to Aid Hurricane Katrina Survivors

By: Bubbajunk.com

Many tractor trailer truckloads of food, water and supplies directly help those in need


    Keene, NH - September 7, 2005 - C&S Wholesale Grocers has taken a leadership role in quickly supplying bottled water, food, and critical items to aid Hurricane Katrina victims. The company announced today that it has donated 400,000 pounds of food and has provided an additional 600,000 pounds of products to the Gulf Coast. C&S has teamed with Americas Second Harvest: The Nations Food Bank Network, the American Red Cross and FEMA to provide relief to people who need assistance.


    C&S has been working since last week to contact approximately 100 employees in the area affected by hurricane. The companys grocery and perishable foods distribution center in New Orleans was evacuated before the hurricane made landfall.


    Hurricane Katrina may be the worst natural disaster in the United States during our lifetimes. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the survivors whose lives, families and homes have been devastated, stated C&S Chairman and CEO Rick Cohen. C&S and our Associates stepped up quickly to help, with donations of water, food, and funds. Weve coordinated our support through America's Second Harvest, the American Red Cross and FEMA so that it reaches people who need it.


    According to Americas Second Harvest, C&S was one of the first companies to provide aid by donating 1 truckload of bottled water within 24 hours after the storm, followed by another 2 truckloads the next day.


    Additional initiatives by C&S:


    Participated in several food convoys to the Gulf Coast over Labor Day weekend, including convoys from upstate New York, Tennessee and Vermont. The Vermont convoy included a full truckload of ice donated by C&S, plus 3 trucks and drivers supplied by Brattleboro Haulage/Webster Trucking, C&S third party carrier. Full of food donated by citizens, convoy contents where delivered to aid agencies.


    Donated food and supplies for the Elllisville State School in Mississippi that cares for 500 mentally retarded and special needs children.


    Partnered with Oprah Winfrey, Americas Second Harvest and Federal Express to facilitate the purchase and distribution of 9 truckloads of food and supplies. The effort was part of Winfreys $1 million donation to help the rescue efforts.


    Donated wooden pallets for use by the Army National Guard to stage food and supplies at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut prior to flights south.


    Set up a system to collect employees contributions through payroll deduction starting next week for the American Red Cross or to the companys internal charitable organization, Friends at C&S, which helps Associates during catastrophic times.


    C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. is a privately owned company with annual sales of over $16 billion. The company is the 8th largest privately held company in the nation, as ranked by Forbes magazine. Founded in 1918, C&S provides distribution services to grocery chains and independent stores, delivering to more than 4,000 locations from its distribution centers in Alabama, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Vermont.


    C&S community involvement programs support initiatives to stop hunger and to promote the health and enrichment of communities that are homes to the company's employees and facilities.