SiriCOMM Provides Internet on the Highway


ViaSat Immeon, a hybrid satellite and WiFi Network by SiriCOMM Inc. offers an economic and fast network that enables truckers to stay connected to the Internet on the highway.
The main objective of SiriCOMM Inc. is to create software that improves the productivity of the trucking industry, making a better use of the resources and diminishing operating costs. The corporation has more than four decades of experience in developing trucking software, but also understands that its applications cannot reach their full potential without superior means of communication between trucking companies and truck drivers. Hank Hoffman, chairman and president of SiriCOMM said that the company wanted the communication technology to be wireless. But this system also had to be able to handle considerable amounts of data and still be economic.

SiriCOMM developed this economic and fast network by interconnecting a hybrid of WiFi hotspots with a cutting edge broadband satellite communication network. SiriCOMM provides a real trucking Internet portal by means of its "DriverConnect" service. This portal offers high-speed, simple and cost-effective wireless communications for all the staff of the trucking industry, from drivers to manufacturers. The network is specially designed as a base for the trucking industry and SiriCOMM productivity software; however, this technology is completely efficient in e-mail, e-commerce, and entertainment for all drivers.

Allied Business Intelligence, a market research company, predicts that in less than three years, Wi-Fi hotspots can evolve from their fifty-thousand locations to approximately over two-hundred thousand worldwide. This initial SiriCOMM network installation includes four hundred locations with an aim of one thousand hotspots in the U.S. The final goal of SiriCOMM is that when the full network is installed, truck drivers will always have a near hotspot to connect to.