Nabors Well Service


Nabors Industries Ltd. began it's operation in January 1, 1987. During that time Nabors' scope of business was limited to contract land drilling services on the North Slope of Alaska, Western Canada, and in the Rocky Mountains region of the United States. Since then, Nabors has become the world's largest provider of land and platform drilling contract services for exploration and development of oil, gas and geothermal wells.

Nabors has expanded its contract land drilling services into most major oil and gas producing regions of the world. Adding to that, Nabors has broadened its oil and gas contracting services to accommodate offshore drilling and work-over and US land well-servicing and work-over.

More recently, Nabors has been actively extending its business into areas that supplement its primary business as a drilling contractor. These businesses supply their customers with information technology, drilling systems, engineering, transportation, construction, maintenance, well logging, and other support services in selected domestic and international markets.

 Nabors Industries Ltd. has several business units. These are: Nabor US Lower 48 Land Drilling, Nabors International, Nabors Canada, Nabors Alaska, Nabors US Offshore, Nabors US Land Well-Servicing, Canrig Drilling Technology, Peak Energy Services/US Lower 48, Peak Oilfield Services/Alaska, and Ryan Energy Technologies.

We will focus on two of Nabors Industries Ltd. business units: Nabors US Land Well-Servicing and Peak Energy Services/US Lower 48, both deals heavily in the trucking industry.

Nabors US Land Well-Servicing offers three services: Rig Services, Fluid Handling Services, and Auxiliary Services. Let's zero- in on their fluid handling service. This type of service includes the transportation , temporary storage and disposal of produced salt water, and drilling/work-over fluids. They have a fleet of more than 600 trucks and over 900 frac tanks provide sufficient capabilities to allow speedy response to their customers needs.

Services Include:

  • WATER HAULING: They have a modern fleet of tractor/trailer rigs consisting of large capacity tanker trailers designed for over-the-road and off-road transportation.

  • KCL BLENDING: Specialized units to provide fast efficient blending to specific weight and clarity of work-over and completion fluids.

  • VACUUM AND HIGH-PRESSURE PUMP TRUCKS: Waste-water removal and well pressure control, "Killing" operations.

  • FRAC TANK LEASING: They have a large fleet of modern mobile tanks.

  • INJECTION WELLS: Waste-water and brine disposal are strategically located, meeting all regulatory requirements.

Now, Peak USA Energy Services is a diversified oilfield service company specializing in rig moving, custom heavy hauling, crane and rigging services, and oilfield transportation. This company operates out of multiple terminals throughout east, north, and south Texas, as well as in the Mid-Continent and Rocky Mountain states.


Peak, is committed to providing a level of service of excellence unparalleled in the industry. Which is why they have invested heavily in new equipments, equipment maintenance, facilities, and most importantly, their people. They believe they have the best qualified, best trained, and most capable workforce available anywhere. The combination of superior equipment and exceptional people allows them to surpass their customers' expectations.

Heavy Hauling

Two things are absolutely essential when it comes to safely transporting huge gas compressors, over-sized vessels, and massive production equipments: the expertise of the crews and the equipments quality and maintenance.

Many of Peak employees have more than 20 years on the job, often moving equipment that is not only large but frequently complex and fragile. Comparably, their rigorous maintenance schedule guarantees that their equipment is as well prepared as their people. Their fleet is the most complete in the industry.

Peak provides heavy duty trucks and trailers, cranes ranging from 50 to 130 tons, and forklifts. These make Peak a company that can solve all its clients' transportation requirements.

Rig Moving

Peak has over 250 trucks working out of eight terminals nationwide. With this company moving out more than 70 rigs per month, they have the rig moving experience and are aware of the unique challenges that accompany the business of rig relocation.

Peak also provides state-of-the-art equipments. These include 100-ton cranes and high capacity forklifts which move rigs more efficiently, and with a higher degree of safety.


People at Peak, knows that preventive maintenance costs far less than the costly downtime. Its preventive maintenance program gives the company several benefits. It keeps vital equipment on the job, thus reducing the costs associated with downtime. It simultaneously reduces repair costs.

Nabors US Land Well-Servicing and Peak USA Energy Services are quite serious when it comes to safety. Peak has an excellent safety record and the former has placed well in the AESC's annual Safety Award Program.