Sharkey Transportation Inc.: Success Through Service


In 1965, the operations of Sharkey Transportation Inc. started when they only had 6 customers.  It would be amazing to say that today they serve over 3,000 business costumers. Nevertheless, it is even more outstanding to remark that those six costumers have been served by Sharkey since the project began and, now they are part of those more than three thousand business costumers. This company located in Quincy, Illinois, supplies all the 48 states of the United States.  Incredibly, their accident ratio is only of 1 accident per every 5.6 miles. They use one of the best-kept and modern equipment that can be found in this industry. They not only offer flatbeds, bulk tankers and reefers but also air-ride vans. Sharkey is, in addition, really concerned about safety in all senses. For this matter, they have insured the equipment as well as the shipment for cargo loss or damage, among other forms of insurance. 


Their business started in Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin in addition to Illinois. Since that moment, expansion was a fact for this comprehensive company. Sharkey Transportation Inc. has been authorized as a common carrier that transports a wide-ranging diversity of goods over irregular routes through 48 states. Besides, they have been granted contract carrier authority. Most of the time, a contract is signed for each of their costumers. In the central dispatch of the company, which is located in Quincy, all operations are administered by using on-board computers and mobile communications under satellite control. Also, location of equipment is fully available through a live on-line dispatch system that allows costumers to know exactly where the shipment is. 


Definitely, at Sharkey, costs are reasonable in relation to the service that they offer. Recently, Sharkey is working hard in order to enlarge their contact carriage authority so that they can confer more flexibility to their costumers. For STI, the most important feature is costumer satisfaction. For this matter, they are not trying to get to be a market of transportation services. They rely on all the necessary attributes to provide their costumers with the best quality in order to fulfill all their expectations and thus, work in a personalized manner to help them meet their transportation needs.