Dallas & Mavis Specialized Carrier Co LLC.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Dallas & Mavis Specialized Carrier Company (DMSCC) is known as one of the largest U.S. motor carriers. With their  headquarters in Kenosha, WI and centralized facets of the company such as dispatch, sales, marketing and administration are conducted from the Kenosha, WI service center.
Dallas & Mavis delivers, nationally and internationally, on time every time from coast-to-coast covering every location in North America, Canada and Mexico. Dallas & Mavis is supported by 150 service locations, and over 1,000 trucks, they are strategically poised to handle the heaviest traffic in prime and secondary operating lanes throughout the country. The types quantity and of equipment they have available to them regardless of the region  of the country enables them to offer a number of cost-effective shipping options. Dallas & Mavis are capable to provide service as and when demanded by the customer.
Dallas & Mavis maintains an extraordinary range of trailers and their equipment is unparalleled in the industry they are designed to meet very specialized needs. The diversity of their trailer types enables Dallas & Mavis, renowned as one of the largest specialized transporters in the industry, to handle virtually any commodity. Their can transport an infinite range of products and these capabilities are constantly modified by acquiring the most up to date equipment.
The transport vehicles include an extensive range of trailers including flatbeds (with or without sides), step decks, lowboys, and specially built trailers capable of handling Aluminum, Dies, Construction equipment, Steel, Machinery,  Lumber, Building materials, Modular buildings, Fabricated products, Over-sized loads, and more. Serving the government, as well as the automotive, machine tool, metals and construction industries, Dallas & Mavis had grown to be one of the largest specialized transportation companies in the United States.