ProDrivers is part of EmployBridge, a private company created from the combination of several successful staffing organizations. EmployBridge is a leader in branded, industry-specific staffing solutions. ProDrivers is a full-time driver staffing company that provides Qualified and Professional CDL and Non-CDL drivers for transportation related companies throughout the country.

Since 1987, ProDrivers has become the largest transportation services company in the United States, specializing in CDL Drivers. On average, they hire over 1500 drivers daily to over 1000 companies. As a result, ProDrivers has designed time-tested and sewn programs to meet their client's needs. ProDrivers is in business to serve the CDL Driver community by providing employment opportunities that match with their clients transportation requirements.

What do they offer?

Driver Services:

ProDrivers is always on the look-out for drivers. They offer flexible schedule; competitive wages; Group Rate Medical Insurance and Other Benefits; variety of driving assignments, and a variety of shifts. Drivers can even decide if they want to work full-time, part-time, or both. And at ProDrivers there is no forced dispatch.

Some of the Benefits they give are:

Vacation Pay
Each 2000 (two thousand) hours of billable time with ProDrivers provides a driver with 40 hours of pay at their straight time hourly rate. Hours are only payable when 40 hours have been accrued. There is no pro-rata of vacation pay under this policy.

Holiday Pay
ProDrivers will compensate holiday pay to drivers based on the following criteria. The driver must work 1,000 billable hours in the previous thirty weeks prior to the holiday week. He/she must also work or call in available the workdays before and after the holiday. The driver will be paid 8 (eight) hours of holiday pay at their current straight time hourly pay rate. If eligible, paid holidays will include Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day.

Referral Bonuses
Drivers can also refer someone who's looking for work? If the referred person was able to get in and as soon as they've completed 80 hours on assignment with ProDrivers, the driver who referred that driver will earn a cash bonus for the referral.

401(k) Savings Plan
Their 401(k) makes it easy for anyone 21 years or older to put aside tax-deferred money for retirement. Drivers may participate in this plan after they have worked 12-months and worked 1,000 hours within those 12-months

Employee Transfers
If there is a transfer or relocation in the future, the driver must tell the office where his destination will be. They will forward the driver's application and work history to their offices that are most convenient for the transferee. The employees' accrued work hours will transfer with him/her and are immediately applicable to the programs that are available in his/her new location. ProDrivers has office branches located in: Phoenix, West Sacramento, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Tampa, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Norcross, Elmhurst, Indianapolis, Wichita, Florence, Louisville, Pasadena, Detroit, Fridley, Bridgeton, Kansas City, Charlotte, Morris Ville, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Huber Heights, N. Olmsted, Columbus, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Greenville, Columbia, Bartlet, Hermitage, Grand Prairie, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Carrolton, and West Valley City.

No Applicant Fees!
The company that hires the driver pays for any fee that may arise. The driver is never charged a placement fee.

Client Services

Being a full service transportation services company, ProDrivers makes sure to provide the best drivers to their clients. They are prepared and capable to meet their client's short and long term CDL-driver staffing requirements as fast and efficiently as they can.

At ProDrivers, recruitment and screening are their focus. They have a National Recruitment Center and over 30 branch offices across the U.S.  With this they can provide the best qualified CDL drivers to meet their client's needs.

The drivers they hire are screened, experienced, and qualified. Their recruiting and operations staff are specially trained to screen, interview, and process potential drivers based on today's strict DOT standards. ProDrivers makes sure that they provide top quality professonal CDL drivers by:

  • Maintaining complete DOT driver qualification files for each driver

  • They exceed FMCRS by: County-by-County Criminal Background Checking on every driver; Quarterly MVRs on every driver; and Pre-Screening Behavioral Testing on every driver

  • They enroll all drivers in drug awareness programs for drug and alcohol education, awareness, and testing - including random testing

  • They enforce strict experience requirements for all driver categories

  • They also require hazardous material certification (where applicable)

As we can see, ProDrivers provides employment opportunities to CDL driver community by matching them with their clients' transportation needs.They are actually hitting two birds with one stone, so to speak.