Riverside Transport, Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

According to Bill Grojean, President, Riverside Transport, Inc. (RTI) was founded on principles of LOW COST and HIGH SERVICE. RTI achieves these ambitious goals by adapting its transportation service solutions to best meet the customers' needs.

Riverside Transport Inc. (RTI) boasts itself as quality minded, service oriented transportation professionals, with the experience to handle their customer's transportation needs. Their trademark is personal attention and customer satisfaction. These put them beyond the rest. Flexible specialized services allow them to meet and exceed all of their clients' requirements.

Riverside Transport Inc. has over 250 pieces of over-the-road equipment. All late model conventional tractors with sleepers, driver communications devices, low-profile rubber with the ability to haul 46,000 or more in cargo.

  • 2004 Freightliner Century, Columbia and Classics

  • 2003, 2005, or 2006, 2007 Volvo 670's, 386 and 387 Peterbilts, T-600 KW's

  • Cat and Volvo Engines, with a mix of 10 and 13 speeds

  • Trucks are set at 68 on cruise and 70 on pass

Additional equipment notes:

  • 110" door to nose dry vans trailers - 53' air ride with vertical logistic post's every two feet (for decking and shoring), translucent roofs, and with the ability to haul 13,800 pounds.

  • Trailer pool's available.

Riverside Transport, Inc. has customers from the major 500's. Their list of clients include: General Mills, National Starch, Michelin/Goodrich, Clopay Corporation, Tenneco Packaging, Green Bay Corporation, International Paper, and First Brands.

Primary Commodities they haul are:

  • Paper and Paper Products

  • Consumer Goods

  • Building and related materials

A lot of their solutions were new to both the customer and RTI, yet developed from creative and innovative ways to get products shipped and in the most cost-efficient manner.

  • Integrated distribution and transportation

  • Project management

  • Supply chain management

  • Reverse logistics - return program

  • Information technology

  • Distribution and planning analysis

For clients with a strict schedule to follow, RTI can deliver their products on time through:

  • Over-the-road truck freight

  • Rail and/or intermodal freight
  • Air freight
  • Hot shots
  • Sequenced loading and delivering
Riverside Transport, Inc. has the capacity to store their clients products in a warehouse for long or short term.

  • Cross docking

  • Fulfillment

  • Storage trailers

  • Local cartage - pick up and delivery

Riverside Transport, Inc. can import or export their clients product as well.

  • Container load

  • Mexico

  • Canada

Riverside Transport, Inc. has specialized services which include:

  • Dedicated fleets

  • Flatbeds

  • Double floored trailers

  • On-site coverage

Riverside Tranport, Inc. boasts that they are a company that cares for their drivers/employees. And they give benefits to attract potential drivers to work for them.

Riverside Transport, Inc. is a long haul carrier with an average haul of 750 miles. Most of their lanes are out and back with numerous drop and hook locations. Occasionally they do an extra leg or town to get back to Kansas City. Below is a rundown of the benefits they give to successful applicants.


  • RTI requires a minimum of 2300 per week

  • Drivers are out 7 days to 3 weeks with up to 3500 miles per week

  • Starting base pay (.34) is based on years of OTR experience (a driver may qualify for more)

  • Settlements are paid weekly provided the driver's paperwork is turned in by 7 a.m. on Tuesday of every week, with direct deposit available.

  • Stop pay of $20 is paid for additional stops not counting final.

  • $.09 per mile for each day spent away from home can be used as a tax deduction.

  • After one year, drivers are eligible for a review, with a potential increase based on productivity and performance. They are also entitled for one week vacation. Vacation pay will be the average of the drivers pay for the previous year.

  • RTI also gives a referral bonus which is paid at $.01 per mile up to 100,000 miles or maximum of $1000.00 for each driver the driver referred and that has successfully completed a two day orientation. This bonus is paid out monthly.


  • If drivers are based in the Kansas City market, along the I-70 Corridor, or in the North East they can expect to be through the house weekly.

  • If drivers are based in Florida, they can expect to be out 2-3 weeks at a time with 2-3 days off earned time.

  • Trucks may be taken home if under dispatch and/or there are no out of route miles to get home.

Riverside Transport, Inc is a private company located at 4001 Kansas Ave Kansas City, KS 66106, RTI is centrally located enabling them to act fast on any of their clients' supply needs. Current estimates from Manta.com show that this company has an annual revenue of $50,000,000 and employs a staff of approximately 400.