NTEA Provides Training Courses for Vocational Truck Fleet Operators

By: Bubbajunk.com

A one-day and two-day on-site training programs for vocational fleet owners is being offered by the National Truck Equipment Assn. (NTEA). The training courses are outlined for commercial, utility, and government fleet executives. The courses offer the most extensive on-site vocational vehicle training available, according to NTEA.

All the programs are made to fit to each trucking operation's unique situations. A single day of training contains four courses. Enrollment fee is at $1,500. For $2,500 a student will go through eight courses covered over two full days. Expenses are not included.

Among the courses offered are:

  • Vehicle weight distribution analysis

  • Basic power-train analysis

  • Truck equipment and body design principles

  • Truck chassis design principles

  • Equipment and chassis specifications

  • New vehicle quality assurance

According to NTEA, every course intends to be engaging, logical, and interactive. Real-life plans of action and practical techniques are provided to enhance productivity, bolster life-cycle costs, and stretch budget dollars.

Fleet managers will learn how to develop and write clear and concise truck specifications - through the courses led by NTEA experts - to satisfy their individual needs.

Aspirants can reach NTEA director of fleet relations Bob Johnson at (301) 606-5797, for more information or to schedule training.