Millis Transfer Raises Trainee Pay


Renewing its commitment to being the industrys premier training program, Millis Transfer unveiled a new trainee pay package on August 31.  Instead of standard trainee pay over the course of the program, pay now increases with the amount of time spent in training.
For the first two weeks, trainees are paid $500 per week.  During the third week, pay increases to $550.  Weeks four and five now pay $600 and $650, respectively.  Trainees who spend six weeks or more in training are paid $700 per week.
In addition to great pay, the Millis training program offers reasonable prices.   Prospective drivers dont have to save money in order to go to school because the Millis plan is affordable.  The total cost of the program is $2,500.  Students pay $500 up front.  With a commitment to work for Millis for one year, Millis will pay the remaining $2,000.  In addition, lodging and materials are included. 3