Tyson Provides $26 Million to Fuel Family Farmers

By: Bubbajunk.com

We all know fuel costs have risen substantially over the last two years and are projected to continue to rise this winter, Bill Lovette, senior group vice president of Poultry and Prepared Foods for Tyson Foods, said. This is a challenge for all of us in the poultry industry, because adequate heating is essential to bird well-being, health and performance. In order to help contract producers supply this basic need for our birds during this time of high fuel costs, were providing them with a supplemental energy allowance, Lovette said. These payments will be in addition to any fuel allowance included in Tyson contracts with producers who pay for their own fuel. The money for broiler producers will be divided into two equal payments made on or about November 1, 2005 and February 1, 2006. Each broiler producer who is on Tysons regular placement schedule as of the date of the allowance payment will receive a check. Qualified pullet producers will each receive one overall payment during the winter months. Amounts given to broiler producers will be based on such factors as the total number of square feet of housing the producer operates, as well as the historical fuel usage by the Tyson poultry production complex with which they contract. This usage will be determined by factors such as average winter temperature in the complex, bird size, and number of flock starts during the winter.