Xtra Lease Career Opportunities

By: Bubbajunk.com

Xtra Lease is a transportation company founded in 1992 that is located in St. Louis, Missouri. This company has two subsidiaries out of the country: one in Canada and the other in Mexico. This company covers 90 cities around North America. It has more than 600 employees working with a fleet of 125,000 that include dry vans, chassis, flatbeds and temperature-controlled vans. Xtra Lease has leasing operations; this method lets the company offer better customer service because leasing can reduce risk of advancing technologies. The company manages the administrative and maintenance aspects, so the clients can reduce their total costs.

The principal idea for Xtra Lease is to have a diverse workforce. The company believes that integration is an excellent tool to success in the industry. The company offers many benefits for new employees, these include: medical care plans, dental, vision and life insurance, tuition reimbursements, also the company gives a source of income if full-time employees become disabled, holidays and vacation are paid.  Xtra Lease has good education and training programs. Every new employee has to visit the education center in St. Louis, Xtra emphasizes in management, operations and business courses. The workers can decide to be part of the 401K plan. Xtra wants to find people who are active, hard-working, creative and enthusiastic. If the employees overachieve in their work, the company will reward their efforts with better positions in the company in order to obtain professional growth within the company.