Sony Electronics Company


Sony Electronics Company began as a radio repair shop in 1946. It was founded by physicists Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita, known as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo KK (the Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation).

In the 1950s Bell Labs gave their first license to built transistors. They had a more vision than US and created the pocket radio; so to planned a marketing they need to change their name to Sony which was play as sonus the Latin word for sound.

Then they built the first world transistorized TV, and manufacture VCRs, recording equipment, computers games and stereos.

Today, Sony Corporation is one of the best electronic manufacture company, which annual sales are approximately $62 billion at March 31, 2003.

One of their newest products is the ultra-compact HDR-HC1 Handycam, which is the smallest and lightest camcorder with high video recording and playback definition, Enhanced Imaging sensor which gives more vivid detail and richer colors.

Other newest product is the VAIO FS635B/W notebook a superior computing performance experience. This notebook is thin, lightweight and outfitted with a Intel Pentium Processor, with a 15.4 widescreen display and a built/in integrated wireless LAN.

They have over 15,000 centers in US and the best technical support around the world, with a phone and online service. 

Their business platforms are focus to give the best product and service, so it is dividing in 6 areas: consumer, which takes the individual experience of the consumers; business and professional, gives video and audio equipment for the broadcast and production industries; manufacturing, bring a new lasting product for this industries; service gives a numerous repair centers; and Sony style and outlets stores, which you can experience their products.