Dart International: the "Best in the West"

By: Bubbajunk.com

When talking about transportation and distribution of equipment, you want to be sure that the service provided is going to be safe and fast. This is the reason why Dart Transport must be your first choice. Among specialized distribution industries, Dart International has been ranked as one of the Best in the West, an achievement that was obtained through the consolidation of many affiliated companies.

Dart's priority has always been the customer, reason why they have tried to implement the best of technologies and the best of personnel, so that the clients all over the eleven Western States are satisfied. Clients can view information about their goods at any time through satellite communication. Dark International's Carrier Division includes long line, short line, and local truckload service; and, in the area of Southern California, they offer LTL service with guaranteed overnight deliveries.

Dart International also works under Core Carrier, which offers the customer the option of choosing them as their Traffic Department within a particular geographic area. To make this possible, they count on a computerized central dispatch and a satellite tracking system that manages the freight movements in total for any customer.

Dart International is headquartered in Los Angeles, California; and the Corporate Office is within the Dart Industrial Complex.

Their main commitment is to provide quality in all of their distribution services so that they will always retain recognition as the Best in the West.