Craig Transportation Co: Successful History


Safety plays a vital role in the success of Craig Transportation Company. The primary function of their safety department is the idea of promoting safety awareness in their organization. They accomplish this goal educating and mentoring their office staff drivers, suppliers and customers.

Craig Transportation Co. created several programs in order to showcase and reward safe practices. In 2004, Craig Transportation Co was honored by the Carolina Casualty Insurance Company with the Outstanding Safety Performance Award. This prize recognizes their superior safety performances and great contributions in making our highways a safer place.

Bob Perew, representative of Carolina Casualty said that he uses Craig Transportation Co as an example of a model carrier.

In 2002, Craig established a prestigious Million Mile Club; which is a showcase for all those drivers who have driven one million miles without having a preventable accident. This club is unique; accident free miles must be driven while at Craig Transportation Co.

Another key factor in their enduring success is their employees. Craig is a company that constantly reinvents themselves in order to provide a great work environment. They want to create an extraordinary relationship with their customers based on mutual trust; this promotes continual efficiencies.

These values have made their business one of the most successful and trust worthy companies in the Midwest.

Craig Transportation Co started as a family run business in Indiana in 1927 by N.S. Craig, his son Dale continued the family tradition and relocated their business to Perrysburg, Ohio in 1962.

Craig acquired Hofer Motor which at that time was mostly a refrigerator carrier. Four decades later Craig has developed into a full service logistics and truckload provider for many industries. Craig Transportation Co moves over 28 000 loads per year.