Swift Transportation: Job Opportunities

By: Bubbajunk.com

Swift Transportation Co Inc is a company that gives fleet services around United States. Founded in 1965. Swift has subsidiaries in Memphis TN, San Antonio TX, Phoenix AZ, Kansas City KS, Troutdale, OR and Lewiston, ID  Swift Transportation  has been growing very fast; with an average growth rate of 23% per year. Swift operates in more than thirty eight terminals in twenty-seven states around the country. The companys success comes from the excellent costumer service; 98.9% delivery service on time. Today the company works with 16,000 trucks, more than 50,000 trails and has around 20,000 drivers. Swift works with a large number of very recognized companies such as: Procter & Gamble, Wal Mart, General Motors and Kimberly Clark.

Swift has a fairly strict hiring program. If a person wants to apply for a position in the company, he or she must possess an authorized drivers license, with less than one moving violation within the last year and no more than three within the last three years, no major preventable accidents within the past twelve months or more than two in the past five years. Also the person needs at least ten years of experience as a driver; the new employees must have basic education completed and keep a good appearance. All workers must also pass all the physical and alcohol tests required.

Every employee will enjoy many benefits such as: vacation, medical, dental and vision insurance, accident plan, short and long term- disability and last but not least, they can have assistance at any time by calling the nurse hotline.

Swift wants to prepare its employees.  For that reason, the company is always trying to give the best benefits and to develop a safer working environment.