Linden Bulk Transportation LBT Transport Services


Linden Bulk Transportation began in 1982 and is part of the Linden Companies. They provide transportation of amount commodities. They have grown since they expanded their terminals and the recruiting process to help satisfy customer requirements.


Linden Bulk Transportation is the largest Northeast regional bulk carrier.  Linden Bulk Transportation's main terminal is in Linden, NJ where they have the facilities for full service Intermodal tank container, which appears to be near from the piers of NJ/ NY.  The others are in Philadelphia, P.A.; Pasadena, TX and reserve L.A which has capabilities for maintenance, cleaning and intermodal.  Linden Bulk Transportation added a tank container depot in 1989 to provide better services for intermodal transportation.


Linden Bulk Transportation is certified by the ISO 9001: 2000, because of their commitment in continues improvement by the teamwork, innovation, process control and elimination of waste


Linden Transportation is part of the C-TPAT and F.A.S.T and implement a fully security plan which was verify by the FMCSA in April 2004.


LBT is compromise to be sure that the costumers products are distributed with the Responsible Care and Transcaer as a backup, which makes to minimize the risk of an accident.


Linden Bulk Transportation puts a focus on various issues that address community concerns. Health, safety and environmental considerations are a high priority and promote the principles of responsible care by offering assistance to others.