Gardner Trucking Inc.


Gardner Trucking is operating through eleven western states. Their  equipment is composed of dry vans, roller vans, curtain vans, double curtain vans, flatbeds and double flatbeds. Gardner Trucking offers to the customer professional performance plus professional appearance by their uniformed drivers.

Among the Gardner Trucking range of services there are line haul, dedicated and service logistics. The company has their office is Chino, CA. But they also have a second terminal in Tracy, CA. These terminals offer maintenance personnel, and paved yards for staging loads. Also Gardner Trucking Company has twenty one dedicated fleets in Northern and Southern CA.

Gardner Trucking   can make a dedicated package according with the customer necessities. This programs can include an supervisor and a shipping clerk to help efficiency of the fleet. Their employees are available twenty four hours, every days of the year.

Besides this, Gardner Trucking Company offers to the client a quickly response, full service terminals, maintenance and storage at Northern and Southern CA, new model tractors and trailer, two- way radio communication and tracking and  many more.

Gardner Trucking company is looking for drivers. Here are some of their requirements : Drivers must be at least 25 years of age, have a minimum of two experience, and a commercial driver license class A.

The Gardner Trucking Inc. working area is  Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Born in 1970s , Gardner Trucking believes the safety as their priority. So the maximum speed and RPMs tractors are computer controlled and their drivers pass through a training program on safety.