May Trucking Company Needs Driving Personnel


If you want to be part of one of the fastest growing companies in the west, this is your opportunity. May Trucking Company is filling positions for driving jobs in the 11 Western  states, and offers competitive salaries and benefits packages that will help you in your way to success.

May Trucking maintains one of the highest success rates in the industry for owner operators and gives them the chance to organize their routes according to their personal needs and lifestyle. Also, it offers one of the most competitive pay packages available in the industry, along with a wide range of job opportunities. For example, the base plates and permits are paid from the first day of work, all tolls are reimbursed, and lumpers are paid.

Moreover, the hand loads/unloads are paid at $75 each, additional picks and drops at $30 each, all dispatched miles (loaded and empty) are paid at $0.80 per mile. They also manage a fuel surcharge program to protect the driver when fuel prices rise and an affordable health insurance plan is available for the driver and his/her family. Also, they offer a referral program of $500 for each owner operator that the driver brings to MTC and a team mileage bonus of .9 cents over 16000 per month.