Comtrak: The Growth of a Family Culture


Comtrak started in July of 1983 with Mike Burns as stockholder and president of a company that boasted 16 owners operators and that in the beginnings was dedicated of servicing the rail and steamship industry from Memphis, Tennessee. From the humble of their first phase, Comtrak grows until they change and added Logistics to the name to better reflect the expansion of the transportations services and solutions offered to costumers in the last few years.

Comtrak believes in its people. Comtrak belives that their employees are a big reason for their success and development. This fact has caused that they achieve several prizes and recognitions for hard-work accomplished for their costumers.

Before the word Logistics became fashionable in the industry, Comtrak has always been a trademark that offered several services like Intermodal, Highway Services, Brokerage Division, Dedicated Services, Depot and Single Sourcing.

The use of technology is very important in todays economically global world and Comtrak Logistics doesn't stray from this reality. Comtrak operates with IMC and e-commerce rail contracts to insure the lowest cost to their customers while the company provides the drayage on at least one leg of the move.

This efficiency and facility offered for the costumers have given Comtrak a great reputation and they given them an impressive list of Fortune 500 companies that makes use of Comtrak's services.  Such clients include Sears Logistics Services (SLS), Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Ashley Furniture, Tire and Battery Corporation, Carrier Air, and Quaker Oats, among others.

Its good also to know that Comtrak gives to their employees a list of benefits that are very attractive. For example, owners operators have a great program that offers Health, Dental, Life Insurance Plan, Recruitment Incentive and Fuel Tax Services. Also they have specials plans for the company drivers, office personnel and maintenance shop that you would be eligible for.  If you are looking for a job in the trucking industry, take a good look at Comtrak.