Scheneider National: A Leadership Company


Schneider National is the largest truckload carrier with terminal services in North America.  Schneider National operates around 48 states and was founded in 1935 by A. J Schneider. Today Schneider corporate Headquarters are located in Green Bay, WI. Along the years, Schneider has been working a lot to improve the quality of their customer service.  For that reason the company made agreements with several other companies with the objective to diversify the companys services. For example in 1986 Schneider was the first carrier to install two-way satellite communication system in all 6000 over-the-road trucks First EDI, (Electronic Data Interchange transactions).

Nowadays, Schneider employment approximately 20, 000 persons from many different sources, includes students, experienced and non-experienced people. This gives Schneider the opportunity to maintain a leadership position in the market.

Schneider knows that being one of the largest companies in the industry is a big achievement.  For this reason Schneider works with the best equipment, has new trucks, new technologies, and the latest in shop and maintenance techniques.

Schneider National offers very good services in a family environment. Its benefits package includes: healthcare (dental, medical and vision plans), life insurance, retirement savings, education reimbursement and an education finance program.

Schneider believes that people are the most important asset. For that reason Schneider develops programs to motivate its employees.