Alyeska Pipeline: Pigs make Pipeline Safer?


Did you know that sending pigs down a pipeline can make it safer and more efficient? Of course we are not talking about just any pig. Did you know that there is more suspense than any Stephen Kings movie in the second largest of Alaskas pipelines? Or that Alyeska Pipeline has more shoes than Imelda Marcos?

Well, you can find this and more of these topics on a very interesting section of the Alyeska Pipeline web site.

The pigs mentioned above refer to those mechanical pigs that they use to clean their pipelines by scraping wax buildup off the pipe walls. That is the reason why the oil easily pumps. And that is also why it is not any pig.

Dramatic scenes of suspense could also be seen at their 1300 foot suspension bridge over the Tatanas River, considered the second longest across Alaska. It is elevated above the ground to protect its delicate permafrost.

All 39,000 shoes along the trans-Alaska pipeline are the saddle-like contraptions that cradle it above-ground sections of the pipeline. And Imelda Marcos has nothing if you compare!

Alyeska Pipeline is not just a company that pumps oil. They are oriented to preserve the nature and use to do it efficiently.