Bullocks Express Transportation B.E.T.I.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Bullocks Express Transportation Inc. (B.E.T.I.) is a company that started operations in April 1990 with only six trucks and three terminals. This is a family-owned company with a long heritage of truck transportation.  Their dedication to the costumer have make them grow very fast in the past 15 years. At the moment they have hundreds of trucks, 13 terminals and thousands of satisfied costumers.

B.E.T.I. is established as one of the best service carriers of LTL shipments in the 8-state region where they are based and also as a good Logistics program for a lot of national companies. Their mission is to provide the costumers quality, superior service, consistently, and habitually exceeding their needs. They make this with the highest quality and knowing that only their employees know.

Bullocks Express Transportation uses current late model tractors and a wide array of dry-van trailers.  All trailers are also prepared with load beams that help to attach to the side panels of the trailer to support and contain different kinds of freight.

Bullocks Express Transportation is always striving for excellence and that is why they offer great job opportunities. Some benefits include direct deposit, medical, dental, and vision services, profit-sharing, late model equipment (nothing over 6 years old), etc.