DATS Trucking Company

By: Bubbajunk.com

DATS Trucking was founded in 1988 and is focused on providing services to the Western States. DATS works through three divisions, which consist in providing LTL, truckload van and truckload tank services.  Additionally, the company is a contract carrier.


The LTL division has a fleet of modern line haul tractors, all of which are equipped with satellite communications, high cube dry van trailers and radio.  DATS Less than Loads area works in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico. 


At Salt Lake City and Phoenix cities, DATS trucking offers to dedicated distribution warehousing, pool distribution and order consolidation. A special division of DATS Trucking is Overland Petroleum, which was created to give different kind of services for petroleum market.  Fuel (diesel or gas), bulk and package oil products can be carried by their fleet.


DATS Trucking has over 500 trucks,1025 trailers, and 600 transportation specialists.  DATS services are active in eleven states. Last September, DATS Trucking Inc announced a new operation center for Grand Junction Colorado. This center opened at October 5th, and is able to supply DATS services to Grand Junction area and the neighbor cities.