Alvan Motor Freight: Regional Motor Carrier


Alvan Motor Freight is a transportation company in the Midwestern area of the US with a focus in handling time sensitive LTL freight whit a high level of service. Alvan Motor also guarantees factors like rapid transit times, consistency and flexibility to meet their customers needs.

Another advantage of Alvan Motor Freight is the expertise in distribution of their services. Internal experience in the international marketplace makes this company your best for distributing most products.

The Managed LTL Program combines discipline and scheduling to bring you a substantial amount of services and a lot of advantages such as material flow management.

Alvans Strategic Alliances has been selected carefully to provide a second day delivery service to and from the Northeast and in Canada. The alliance partners and Alvans has a vast experience that ensures our costumers receive only the best in times and support. 

Alvan Motor is looking for competitive and hard working persons to work in a rapidly growing work environment, the company offers an equal opportunity employee and offers benefits package and a competitive salary. There are however several requirements.  To join the Alvan Motor team you must have valid CDL with Haz-Mat and air brake endorsements and a minium of 3 years commercial driving experience are preferred.