National Distributors Inc


National Distributors Inc was founded in the 1980s by a family experienced in the transportation business. Since then, that they have grown to, Kentucky, California, Indiana, Texas, Michigan and South Carolina. National Distributors also has six terminals from Canada through Mexico.


National Distributors offers their customers advice on the best modes of shipping and routing, warehousing, and other special services.  Also they have Edi and Satellite Load Tracking systems to give full communication services and tracing shipments.


The company terminals are in Sellerburg, Laredo, Del Rios, San Antonio, Richmond and Taylor.  Laredo and Del Rio terminals are located on the Mexican border to provide an easy access.  

Also, National Distributors has an 8 week Advanced Training Program for Commercial Driver License A School graduates. During the course drivers can  learn about National Distributors policies, procedures and driver skills. In the middle of the course they can get interesting information from experience OTR Trainers and make real work with the trainer supervision. Finally they make the testing process to finish the program.