National By-Products Inc.


National By-Products was founded in 1993 and is one of the best independent renders of the nation. They collect more than 1 billion pounds of animal by-products, annually, from livestock producers, meat packers, grocery stores and restaurants.  Today, National By-Products Inc. is comprised of a fleet of 450 trucks and 750 employees.


National by-products sells their products to national and international markets like manufacturers of chemicals, soaps, cosmetics, plastics, lubricants, livestock and poultry feeds.


Today, National By-Products is one of the biggest processors of animal and poultry by-products generated by livestock.  The oils and other products are used for things like cooking, snack food manufactures, fats, proteins and hides.


National By-Products has a stable workforce, made of 1,000 employees.  Their workforce is divided in areas like collection stations and many processing facilities.


National By-Products is a very important step in the food chain, because if the animal by-products is not processed it will be a hazard to the public health and to the environment.


National By-Products does its part to prevent pollution of surface and ground waters, the spread of animal an human diseases and minimize nuisance odors.


Their manufactures are located in:  Little Rock, Arkansas; Denver, Colorado; Chicago, Lynn Center, Mason City, Illinois; Indianapolis, Indiana; Clinton, Des Moines, Iowa;

Garden City ,Kansas City, Wichita, Kansas; Kansas City, Missouri; Bellevue, Omaha, Platte River, Nebraska; Berlin, Wisconsin.


NBP always look for good people, how like to works, in areas  as truck drivers, plant personnel, administrative support and territory and district management; sales, fleet management, engineering, research, and accounting.


National By-Products offers services such as: Bulk Klean, which recycle the bulk grease and process it; Livestock Mortality Collection Service, eliminate leaky barrels, damage covers and the resulting rodent attraction; Meat Scrap Collection Service: they collect all of the scrap meat.