Baylor Trucking Inc.


Baylor Trucking Inc. is a family operated team committed to satisfying all the transportation needs of the costumers. Baylor Trucking is proud to offer safe, extraordinary employment opportunities to all of its employees.


Baylor Trucking's first priority is quality, giving you a full service van fleet committed to perfection and professionalism with an operations department open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Baylor also has equipment that allows the costumer instant communications and the ability to search for their freight wherever it is. Baylor also offers weekly training and testing programs.


Baylor Trucking Inc has a mission to serve all areas East of the Mississippi river, with terminal locations in Milan, Indiana, Hamilton, Ohio and Portland, Tennessee.


Baylor Trucking has a program to fulfill the necessities and expectations of professional drivers, so their goals include: respecting the value of people, rewards, balance between family and work time; commitment to excellence.