Home Run Inc: A Win-Win Attitude!

By: Bubbajunk.com

When we talk about Home Run Inc, we have to say that they are a company that is on the ball as people say in baseball. Home Run Inc. is a company capable of great things and they show it every time. With 35 years of experience, Home Run Inc has been serving its commercial costumer base which is located primarily east of the Mississippi River.

Home Run Inc. is always looking for professional drivers with driving experience. Home Run Inc wants the best people to so they can give them the best training and support. Their goal is to be the number one flatbed carrier in the nation. Also they require their future drivers to pass the Department of Transportation (DOT) physical and drug screen and those they are over 23 years old.

They are always improving and implementing better services for their costumers, this is shown by their modern, late model equipment and their efficient, knowledgeable corporate staff. They have 8 X 48 air ride aluminum trailers, chains, binders, straps, edge protectors, tarps, blocking material and no side kits.

Communication is a very important tool that Home Run Inc desire to uses with efficiency, for them the more time the costumer have to make a decision, the better decision they can make.

Therefore, if you are a searching for a job that fills these requirements or if you are a costumer who looks for the best service, try with a company who got its roots in the 1920s operating a small LTL and TL carrier up and down Route 35 from Dayton, Ohio to Portsmouth, Ohio.

Today Home Run Inc. offers a wide variety of services as a reliable carrier providing both flat bed service to the costumers in the Mid-Atlantic, South, and Midwest and Home Run will always be continually growing to meet its customer needs.