Nationwide Truck Brokers Inc


Nationwide Truck Brokers Inc began in 1974 becoming a successful truckload carrier in the Mid West and around regions. The value of their services is in the high-quality service fosters lasting relationship.


They have 200 trucks and 800 trailers deployed in the entire region so they could respond rapidly to customers changing needs.


NTB has a highly automated logistics and dispatch operation which gives high efficiency levels that keep the cost on a low level, so their clients get that benefit.


Nationwide Truck Brokers has a support system called Just-In-Time which gives a tight schedule to maintain a reliable supply chain. They have a 98% of loads on time.


NTB provides efficient support and a great supply chain with trouble-free transportation services.  They rely on experience, proven techniques and quality teamwork.


Their mission is to bring glory to God as the best truckload carrier in their operation region as they define themselves by their staff and their customers.


Nationwide Truck Broker is in Byron Center, MI, Lansing, MI, Lansing, MI, Carlton, MI, and in Tipp City, OH