Market Transport Service Ltd.


Market Transport Service Ltd. headquarters is located in Portland, Oregon, and is probably the most innovative trucking company in the United States providing top notch logistics and transportation services.


Market Transport Service strives for a balance of quality and reliability adapting everyday to satisfy the needs of their associates and costumers. They are leading the supply chain logistics technologies combined with years of experience providing a single-source transportation management solution, which reduce costs and advance customer service.


In 2003 Market Transport Service purchased InTransit, which is one of the finest and best U.S. transportation and truck freight brokers in the country.


MTS believes in building long-term relationships with their costumers and because of that they create a careful network of carriers with a great commitment to integrity and trustworthiness


Market Transport Services offers a qualify carrier program divide in: domestic and intermodal services, highway services, including specialized equipment and a broad array of customers and suppliers.  Market Transport Service also boasts multiple equipment sources, a centrally managed network and a depth of resources and expertise.


Market Transport logistics has made many extraordinary relationships with regional and national carriers;  passing down the benefit to their costumers. Most of their benefits are:    

access to nationwide truck freight opportunities, continuous move possibilities, prompt accurate settlements; multi mode options, 24-hour access to market transport, and reduced administrative work.  Market Transport Services schedules appointments, set rates, has no seasonal pricing, and loading and unloading is often paid in full with receipt.  Fuel surcharges are also usually paid.


Market Transport technology is highly rated by theirs clients. They use a wide range of integrated software and a online system which track the carrier, will share real-time information with the clients.