J.H. Walker: Commitment With the Client.

By: Bubbajunk.com

J.H. Walker Trucking was founded in 1978 starting with a single pick-up truck, but now J.H. Walker Trucking is one of the Nations premier carriers offering high quality transportation services in the most efficient manner possible.

The company boasts of what it believes to be the best management team in the industry.  That is why they have increased efficiency, and now recognized as a competitive, safe and cost effective leader in the marketplace.

Some of J.H. Walker Trucking services are: dedicated contract carriage, trailer staging, team drivers and international priority. With a service like Dedicated Contract Carriage J.H.W. provides dedicated equipment and personnel on a contractual basis for exclusive costumer use; Trailer Staging allows the shipper adequate time to correctly and safely load the products to be shipped.

Team Drivers are used by the company only at the moments when it is necessary to maintain non-stop rotations for delivering cargo in the quickest time possible and without interruption. Team drivers may also be used for International Frieght Priority. ie. when a costumer needs to send freight to another country like Mexico or Canada.

J.H. Walker's dispatch office is equipped with a system to provide data to track and monitor every shipment at every point.  This helps J.H. Walker to deliver the freight at the most time efficient and safest route possible to get the satisfaction of their costumers.

They also count with a Safety and Maintenance Department, which guarantees the costumer that they protect the shipments and customer investments. For reasons like these, they are looking for responsible drivers. Some of the requirements that you need to work on this company are: class A with X or H endorsement, a good driving record, two years over the road driving experience and the ability to be able to pass D.O.T. requirements.