Boasso America Corporation: Reputation for Safety and Environmental Protection


Local and over-load-the-road trucking within the 48 contiguous United States, with special emphasis on intermodal tank containers handled with just in time precision, Boasso America Corporation also serves a wide variety of transportation needs.

This company is the premier intermodal service that provides tank container cleaning, heating, testing, maintenance, storage and transportation along with associated equipment sales. The mains cities where they operate are New Orleans, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Charleston and Jacksonville.

It was the first company to receive in North America the ISO 9002 registration for their full scope of services thanks to their quality system. This assures all their costumers a higher standard of consistent performance and offered at a competitive price.

The cleaning, inspection, repair, testing, modification and refurbishment of the tank containers prove that Boasso America Corporation is a specialized company with many experts. Experienced technicians perform or supervise all work employing leading-edge techniques along with high-tech equipment to assure that even the most rigid quality standards are met.
Boasso America Corporation counts on a fleet of units that are radio dispatched and available 24-hours to meet the costumer critical requirements. They have a reputation for safety and environmental protection, late-model predominantly company-owned tractors, large chassis fleet, special training programs and high level insurance protection, all  to minimize the distribution risk.

Among other services, they have an equipment sales division where you can find containers, tank containers, special equipment or custom containers with different characteristics as construction, sizes and types.