Klemm Tank Lines: Largest Petroleum carrier in Wisconsin

By: Bubbajunk.com

Klemm Tank Lines is part of the Kenan Advantage Group, directed by Greg Klimek and Jim Appleton. They have 60 years transporting bulk hazardous material, which actually makes them the largest Petroleum carrier in the state of Wisconsin and it continues to expand in areas as Petroleum and Chemical. Klemm gives service to Canada and all 48 states.


Klemm Tank Lines is located in Green bay, WI with terminals in Portage, Madison, and Milwaukee, WI as well as Rockford, and Huntley, IL., and more areas of operations as Wisconsin, Illinois, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana.


Klemm is divided in five big areas. Light oils, propane, asphalt, chemicals and our hazardous waste hauling and removal. The propane and asphalt divisions are focused in Illinois, Iowa, Upper Michigan, and Minnesota. The chemical division is strategically located in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Connecticut; having stainless steel insulated trailers, along with several specialty trailers, it includes stainless steel, and aluminum compartment trailers.


Klemm focuses on the technologies and the service needs of the costumer, which includes the billing process, inventory management and branded units. They also have excellent programs of safety and quality, having several annual evaluations, makes them to be the preference of companies how has the ISO certification. The division works independently, or collectively depending if it is an internal or external costumers.


Currently, there is a need in Klemm Tanks for drivers located in Green Bay, Appleton or Sheboygan area. The position is medium-long haul, with a great compensation contents, including paid vacation and paid holidays.


Klemm Tanks Lines has the lowest driver turnover rates in all the industry. Klemm also brings a solid track record of providing technology enhanced value added services to its customers, as well as an outstanding history of safety performance. By all measures, Klemm is another ideal addition to the growing KAG organization.