Danny Herman Trucking Company

By: Bubbajunk.com

Danny Herman Trucking Company has a policy to deliver on-time and free of defects to their costumers. Their percentage of on-time deliveries is one of the highest in the industry of carriers.


DHT only works with the safest drivers so that they can continue offering safety as their number one service. They also offer the possibility to track on the web the deliveries, it has EDI capabilities and it gives a proactive customer services. In 1997 it established DHT Logistics department to satisfy their customers' demands such as covering lanes not previously offered.


Danny Herman offers its drivers a competitive benefit/pay package, with well defined lanes, a mileage incentive and log lengths of haul which means more money for the drivers.

DHT's qualifications for its company drivers are: to be at least 23 years old, and have the experience of one year or 100,000 miles OTR, together with the familiarity with mountain, snow, and ice. The driver must possess a Commercial Driver's License/Class A, an X endorsement, and current experience in last 3 years no with more than 1 preventable accident in them, no more than 3 moving violations in last 2 years, no excessive speed (15 mph or over), careless or reckless driving convictions in last 3 years, no DUI/DWI convictions in last 10 years, never in a commercial vehicle, and no felony convictions. Finally, the driver should have successfully completed the DHT pre-employment process (written test, road test, physical examination, substance and alcohol screen).


For Owned Operators, DHT has these responsibilities: to run a team/solo operation; own a 2000 or newer tandem axel tractor; comply with DHT safety standards; observe DHT established maximum speed; have a satellite unit installed by DHT; observe first-in/first-out dispatch system; maintain collision and Worker's Compensation coverage; maintain bobtail liability insurance; cover deductible amount on liability and cargo policies; fuel taxes (reported and paid by DHT and deducted from settlement); and make payment of highway use tax.


Among the benefits offered by DHT are: 18,001+ miles in a month, team drivers will receive a 0.1 cent per mile bonus; 20,000+ miles in a month, team drivers will receive an addition 0.1 cent (total of 0.2 cents) per mile bonus; 1 1/2 days off for every 7 available for dispatch; vacation package, 401(k) plan, group health, life insurance; new equipment with mobile communications onboard; layover pay, referral incentive program and a lease purchase program.