Halvor Lines Inc: The Success of the Three Brothers Vinje

By: Bubbajunk.com

Halvor Lines Inc was established in 1968 by the owner-operators Bill Vinje and 4 partners. It is a successful company that has been growing and bringing a superb service for several years now. In the beginnings, they hauled snowmobiles and other similar products for Halvorson Equipment Co. from Duluth Minnesota, a distributor for Bombardier Corp. of Quebec, Canada.

Today, this company is led by Mr. Vinjes three sons, Jon Vinje who is the President, Lori Vinje-Pint is Vice President of human resources and Joe Vinje is Vice President of maintenance. Their father passed away in July 2001, but certainly he will be proud of his sons and their management of the business. They have been using the strategy put forth by their father; obtaining many vehicles to be able to route the tractors by the main office at least once a week. The routing results in that drivers can be home at least once each week, increases the number of drivers who stay with the company and it also lets mechanics give maintenance to the vehicles, which helps to get the most out of their life and value.

They have integrated modern technologies in computer systems, mobile communication and new models in the transportation equipment to make more progress in the service for their costumers needs.  

Halvor Lines Inc. has its headquarters in Superior, Wisconsin and its goal is to be the premium supplier of transportation services to costumers across the United States and Canada. Its motto says "Customer Committed Quality Driven", proudly declaring that Halvor Lines employs the best drivers in the trucking industry. It is interesting to note that most of their drivers are husband-wife teams.

So take a look to the driving opportunities at Halvor Lines Inc, and check out their benefits package for drivers. You will be able to enjoy, for example, their Pet Program, Vacation Pay, QualComm Equipped, Toll Cards and many others benefits they offer.