Ram Trucking: Committed to the Success of Their Employees

By: Bubbajunk.com

Ram Trucking started to operate in 1983. This company offers eleven western states or eastern routes. Ram specializes in laminated beams.

Dispatch is not forced, Ram offers a personalized service, and employees can go home when they want. It offers a compensation of 73 to 75% gross revenue and guarantee $1 on all dispatched miles along with weekly settlements.

The Ram trailers are available for lease or purchase. Other equipment they sell has great prices.

Ram has a new fleet, with no tractor being older than 5 years. It has a 48 spread axle, an aluminum trailer capable of carrying 50 000 lbs.

Ram Trucking pays these expenses: cargo, liability, workers compensation, licensing, road and fuel taxes, and highway use taxes.

The requirements to be an owner operator are: a minimum of 6 years verifiable, valid CDL license, safe driving record, good work history. The equipment must pass a D.O.T inspection before leasing.

Leasing has many benefits like excellent freight rates, a rider program, health insurance is also available, no up-front money required, monthly bonuses, an annual safety bonus, fuel network at discounted prices, more than 12 000 miles available each month, a high percentage of no tarp loads, and an average length of haul 1000 miles.           

Now you know why Ram has to be your choice, they offer you the chance to secure your well-being; they are committed to improve your life. Ram Trucking is located on 32850 East Pearl Street Coburg, Oregon 97408.