Yellow Roadway: A Leader in Transportation Service


Yellow Roadway Corp Inc. is a leader company in transportation services. Yellow Roadway Corp provides regional, national and international services to more than 400,000 customers. Yellow Roadway was founded in 1924 by A.J. Harrell in Oklahoma. Along these years the company has been growing a lot.

In 2003, Yellow acquired Roadway Corp. to become Yellow Roadway Corp.The main mission of Yellow Roadway is to be the leader provider of guaranteed, time-definite, defect-free, hassle-free transportation services for business customers worldwide, to get this goal the company use strategies such as: be the best transportation network backed by state-of-the-art tracking and system management technology, employs the best people in the transportation industry, and offers a quality customer service Yellow knows that transportation is the second-largest industry in the United States, for that reason, Yellow does much more than, the brand Yellow delivers products to the market, gives transportation solutions; the company identifies the specific transportation needs. These aspects give to Yellow a real competitive advantage in todays globalize and rapid-replenishment world, Yellow also is certified with ISO 9001.

Yellow encourages variety and continuous improvement, Yellow appreciates the value the diversity of experiences and knowledge of all the employees. With this methodology Yellow can a get a source of force. The workers are the essential component to this goal every day; to emphasis that, Yellow Roadway has an efficient evaluation program. This plan which is a join venture between the employee and the manager, emphasizes results, behavior and development. This tool lets the company set performance on results aligned with the company goals; Yellow develops six core competencies, which are: leadership, teamwork, customer/consumer focus, decision ability, interpersonal communication skills and job knowledge.

Yellow Roadways success is based on the attracting and retaining the best employees. Every employee can enjoy a medical, dental and vision healthcare plans, accidental and death dismemberment insurance, long-term disability insurance, RSP (Retirement Savings Plan), pension plan, vacation, holidays, funeral leave, jury duty. Every day Yellow Roadway develops new strategies that let the company to be one of the best companies to work in.