The Connection Company


The Connection Company works to carry LTL freight through Ohio and its 5 neighboring states. The Connection Company has 18 terminals in Chicago, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The Connection Company began as Dans Transit in 1983. By 1984, The Ohio Company was founded and offered an overnight service with three terminals in Columbus, Cincinnati and Akron. Then, in 1986 The Ohio Connection grew to ten terminals and in 1991 they included Canada.

Because by 1996 they have grown to others points out of Ohio, the company decided to change their name to The Connection Company.

Today, after 12 years, The Connection offers to the customer an Extensive EDI and Management information support and a well maintained fleet.  Also, they offer to the customer FTP service, BOL images the day after pickup, POD images the day after delivery and access to tracking.  

The Connection Co, has won several award like KemKrest Corporation Carrier of the Year Award and Amstan Logistics LTL Carrier of the Year. Recently, The Connection Company has opened two new terminals. One is in Paducah and the other in Caneyville, both in Kentucky.