Indian River Transport Co.


Indian River Transport Co. is part of the Heritage Management Group that provides transportation services throughout the United States and it also offers import and export service between the U.S. and Canada. The company's fleet contains over 4000 tractors and 600 trailers that transport primarily bulk food-grade commodities like fruit juice, dairy products and wine.


Indian River Transport Co. provides transportation services for raw citrus products from the grove to the major juice processors; the primary products handled are oranges along with grapefruit and limes. In the non citrus season this transport division brings services to agricultural produce such as watermelons.


Indian River Transport is committed to provide customer satisfaction by developing customer relationships based on integrity, trust, teamwork and mutual respect. It is interested in the needs and expectations of the customers. And it is also concerned with the quality of the work environment of the employees while promoting safety, productivity and profitability.


The fleet of Indian River Transport is equipped with the Qualcomm system that provides mobile communication and satellite tracking systems. Its computer network is driven by the IBM Enterprise Software which incorporates operations, safety, maintenance and integrative solutions. Costumers have access to Xpress Suite that provides real time load status via Internet and the Dispatch Service Staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since quality is another aspect that is very important to Indian River, it obtained the ISO 9001-2000 certificated from CRS Registrars Inc.