Highway Transport: safety and quality in your transportation needs.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Since 1948, people that hire Highway Transport services have had one of the best quality choices in the transportation of bulk cargo. The reason: highest compromise to serve to you.
Helped with a good and strategic net of contractors and suppliers, this company has grown to satisfy all needs from Canada to Mexico.

Highway Transport ensures training to all drivers for six full days in a high performing and equipped classroom. Everyone who takes this training is committed to all the needs of the clients, knowing the importance of not losing time. In this custom-made training for trailer drivers, it is assured accurate and proper training by using equipment from the trailer shop. It is also used in conjunction with other trailers, for product transfer training. In this case, trainees learn to perform product transfer into a non-visible storage tank. Safety is the highest characteristic on handling products for Highway Transport.

Highway Transport is accessible and available for anyone in need of a tank or trailer to fit many needs. Highway Transport has a long inventory of different equipments: single or multi compartment, heat or for refrigeration, custom dedicated and many more.

To simplify things, it is possible to use their website for many useful functions: knowing about the business activity reports, retrieving documents, tracking, mileage or/and transit times, ordering templates, shipment details, and finding out the shipper requirements. Each of these functions is splintered to many other subdivisions designed to can save time and expenses.

With this sort of efficient business, it is clear to see why Highway Transport is constantly expanding and making the customer feel comfortable with the deliveries.