Seward Motor Freight: Committed to serve


In 1940 Seward Motor Freight began in the transportation business. It originally hauled packages between Omaha and Seward, Nebraska. They have had several owners throughout the years. In 1969 Wayne and Joan Tanderup bought and integrated the business and at that time they only had seven employees.

The company kept growing in the 70's. The Tanderups acquired some permits from the I.C.C. (Interstate Commerce Commission). These permits allowed them to haul general commodities across the United States.

In the 80's Seward Motor Freight acquired many small carriers in order to expand the bases for the operations and the drivers. They were granted with contract authority in 1987.

In 1985, Seward Motor Freight transferred to I-80 and Highway 15 to establish a new facility for offices and fleet maintenance. Seward added a new building to this new facility in 1989. There we can find the accounting, dispatch and billing departments as well as the drivers lounge.

Seward Motor Freight presently operates 170 tractors and 400 trailers nationwide. It employs around 250 people in the Seward location and in South Weber, Utah, where there is a terminal and fleet maintenance facility.

Seward Motor Freight promises to give something back to their customers, employees and community.  Seward guarantees that the process of moving goods will be pleasant for all their customers enabling them to establish a long-term relationship; they maintain an open communication that meets the customer needs achieving 100% of their satisfaction. 

The company also promotes values between their employees. Pride, respect and recognition are the three key principles. Quality training and a safe work environment are part of what Seward provides to every employee in order to enhance their opportunities to receive new challenges. They also encourage quality relationships between co-workers.

Seward Motors intends to help communities understand this industry. Their constant community service makes a positive impact on the environment which assures future generations the quality of life that we enjoy.