Suttles Truck Leasing: America's Best


Suttles Truck Leasing is a bulk liquid company founded in 1979 and operates in 48 states also Canada and Mexico. The key to the success of Suttles Truck is the quality in all areas: in the equipment, the maintenance and most important of all, the people. The commitment is to provide a quality service and personal attention to the costumers. For this, it is constantly updating its fleet and improving its customer service.
Since safety is another very important aspect for the company, it has a program which controls and attempts to reduce the incidence and the severity of accidents and of products being spilled. This is possible thanks to the careful recruitment, training and supervision of each driver. Each truck driver application is checked and controlled by a test made to ensure the company requirements.

A market safety service is used to maintain a road observation service with written reports, and then the respective disciplinary actions are taken.

Driver of the Month is an award given to the drivers with no accidents or those who have not obtained warnings for violations of company policies and procedures.   

The vehicle maintenance program for tractors is focused on prevention; this aspect includes inspections and repairs scheduled according to the number of miles, the filters are changed every 6 months and the tractors are inspected annually according to law. Each repair is done in house except barrel damage to tanks and major roof damage to vans.

Suttles has a variety of trucks, tanks and trailers to transport general chemicals, hazardous material and hazardous waste transport for many of the customers needs.

Suttles Truck Leasings mission is to provide safe, of superior quality, economical, innovative and responsive truck transport services to the customers. This means to be one of Americas best trucking companies.