Wills Trucking Inc: Crossing Four Time Zones Coast to Coast

By: Bubbajunk.com

With over 150 years of cumulative experience in upper management, Wills Trucking Inc. is one of the most trusted trucking companies in the US. Since it is believed that its costumers deserve long term results and not a just quick fix, Wills works for their full satisfaction.

This service-driven company offers a variety of equipment types and custom-made arrangements for its costumers. Wills is equipped with tractors, dumps, transfer, vans, roll-offs and agitator tankers. The motto of the company is "making costumers happy makes us smile", as said by Paul W. Wills II, President of the company.

Wills Trucking Inc., has services in three main areas: Industrial, Waste and Brokerage. In all three, safety, quality and efficiency are offered to the costumers. They are experts in breaking the records transporting in no-time all of their costumers needs.

In waste, they regularly haul hazardous and non-hazardous waste, municipal solid waste, incinerator ash, medical waste, construction debris and Sludge for landfill and beneficial use.
Some of the other materials also transported by Wills Trucking include dry bulk commodities such as lime and limestone, ash, sand (all types, including foundry), ores and minerals, salt, coal, refractory materials, etc.

They guarantee safety for the materials transported with an extensive driver training program, a safety contingency plan for drivers hauling sensitive materials and a careful compliance with regulatory requirements. This consistent pursue of safety has earned Wills a top rank in the Department of Transportation (DOT) rating. 

Their corporate headquarters are at Columbia, Ohio, so if you are a driver looking for a quality job or if you need to transport those kinds of materials, Wills Trucking Inc., is the company you are looking for.